ATM Hoods

Stylish fibreglass ATM Hoods and covers
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Fibreglass Hoods and ATM covers

Designs and manufactured to suit ATM opening sizes, These hoods covers are designed to give the user a sense of privacy whilst using the ATM machine

They also help in marketing since they have flat walls idea for branding. These ATM hoods increase visibility of the ATM and encourage usage of ATM facilities

Advantages of the fibreglass ATM hood covers:

  1. Rust free, maintenance free and hygienic
  2. Can be re-branded as and when required since colours are cast in, no paint will peel etc.
  3. Fibreglass is strong and durable
  4. Hood covers are not heavy and allow maintenance works to be carried out on the ATM machine with ease
  5. Mould blocks may be used to allow ATM opening sizes as required
  6. 3D scale models can be moulded as shown for different product launch ideas such as Mobile banking etc.


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