Specialty Vehicles

Ambulance (medium spec)

Medium spec Ambulance
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Medium spec Ambulance bodies are manufactured using a fibreglass body and internally kitted out by using a medley of materials to come up with customised vehicles "Fit for Purpose". 2 rear doors open with emergency door exit, oxygen tank cabinet, wind deflector and emergency warning LED flash light.

Fibreglass furniture interior, front wall foldable seat and 3 seaters bench & safety belt, fibreglass floor with stretcher base and stainless steel scratch protection, anti-corrosion.

A drawing, based on requirements is provided to the customer prior to commencing the works. Each vehicle is custom made. We have vast experience in the manufacture of Specialty Vehicles for use in X-ray testing, Mobile workshops, Cash in transit, Outside broadcasting stations & mobile clinics.

Standard Features

  1. Robust superior fibreglass construction
  2. Aperture's with quality door gear
  3. Stiffeners moulded into roof and sides
  4. White impregnated, U.V stable external finish
  5. All components MADE TO MEASURE

Standard Equipment (Interior)

  • Cooling fan coil unit with ionizer, side cabinet, oxygen tank cabinet for 1 tank and fibreglass medical counter.
  • Ceiling utility set, I.V. Ceiling stand hanger fluorescent light, LED. light, spot light.
  • Electric control switch board, oxygen control set & blood pressure meter.

Standard Equipment (Exterior)

  • Wind deflector
  • Side skirts with aluminum step.
  • LED. Emergency Warning Side Signal light.
  • Emergency warning LED. light & Siren.
  • Stainless steel rear step.
  • Ambulance sign sticker.
  • Tinted window film.


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