Specialty Vehicles

Outdoor Broadcasting Vans

Broadcast from anywhere with our Outdoor Broadcasting Vans (Radio & T.V)
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Outside Broadcasting vans, custom built to suit needs of local radio and TV stations.

These vehicles are manufactured using a fibreglass body and internally kitted out by using a medley of materials to come up with customised vehicles "Fit for Purpose". All Fibreglass, Wood, Electrical, metal and plumbing work is done at Sai Raj.

class="bodytext">A drawing, based on requirements is provided to the customer prior to commencing the works. Each vehicle is custom made. We have vast experience in the manufacture of Specialty Vehicles for use in X-ray testing, Mobile workshops, Cash in transit, Outside broadcasting stations & mobile clinics.

Standard Features

  1. Robust superior fibreglass construction
  2. Aperture's with quality door gear
  3. Stiffeners moulded into roof and sides
  4. White impregnated, U.V stable external finish
  5. All components MADE TO MEASURE

Optional Extras

A whole range of customized options available to suit your requirements. Details on request.

  1. Thermoking Refrigeration Units
  2. Airconditioning Units
  3. Choice of Floor finishes
  4. Various insulation types
  5. Various wall thicknesses
  6. Internal lighting
  7. Metal work
  8. Internal Partitioning works
  9. Sound Proofing


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