Whether you need to transport small goods across town, or haul large containers across long distances, our selection of fibreglass trailers will ensure that your cargo will make it to its destination safely and securely. We make a trailer for every size of vehicle, from bicycles to pick ups to heavy duty trailers. Insist on a Cargotuff trailer for maximum satisfaction.

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40Ft_Trailer_4b84c85fb39cb.jpg Average customer rating:

40Ft Trailer

40ft Fibreglass Trailer Body

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Bike_Trailer_4b84cddfca28d.jpg Average customer rating:

Bike Trailer

Sturdy fibreglass trailer for bicycles

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Bullet_3000_4c03768846f46.jpg Average customer rating:

Bullet 3000

Light Weight, Low Profile and...

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Bullet_5000_4c0376d3a970d.jpg Average customer rating:

Bullet 5000

Light Weight, Versatile and Aerodynamic

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Bullet_8000_4c0378ccaac6b.jpg Average customer rating:

Bullet 8000

Spacious, Versatile and Aerodynamic

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Dog_Trailer_4b84ccd11fced.jpg Average customer rating:

Dog Trailer

Fibreglass trailer with in-built dog...

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Hybrid_1200_4c03799803ade.jpg Average customer rating:

Hybrid 1200

Multi-purpose fibreglass trailer, store...

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Parcel___Vending_4b84cae8d5c14.jpg Average customer rating:

Parcel / Vending Trailer

Keep your parcel or vending business on...

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Pretzel_Folding__4c037987cbc9e.jpg Average customer rating:

Pretzel Folding Trailer

Transport bulky objects and motorbikes...

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