Bird Baths

Invite your local birdlife with our fibreglass bird baths
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A must in everyone's garden!

Light weight, durable fiberglass backyard bird baths are easy to move and easy to clean.Bird watchers will appreciate the species of songbirds to visit a garden when you supply water for drinking and bathing! Classic pillar and pedestals with shallow or deep basins.

The fibreglass bird baths can be manufactured in the colour of your choice and are manufactured from light weight yet durable and weather-proof fibreglass material.

It harnesses the natural power of the sun, so electricity, wiring, and plugs are not required! A high-quality solar panel catches the sun's energy to power the top fountain, while the lower section serves as an ornate birdbath.

Our fountains provide value pricing, superior craftsmanship, and minimal maintenance. Each includes an approved water pump. No plumbing is required, as water recirculates within the fountain.

Place the SAI RAJ Birdbath Fountain in your yard or garden, and welcome your feathered friends in style!


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