Weather-proof fibreglass flower pots and planters in a variety of attractive designs.

Ideal for reception areas, living rooms, outdoor decoration, offices, waiting areas etc...

The flower pots / planters can be manufactured in the colour of your choice

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Flower Pots

African_Pot_4b852fea31541.jpg Average customer rating:

African Pot

African Planter

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Half_round_4b864136be6d9.jpg Average customer rating:

Half round

Half round planter, in various sizes

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Embrasso_4bc31f259db64.jpg Average customer rating:


Embrasso planter

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Beumond_4b8530aeaee7e.jpg Average customer rating:


Beaumond Planter

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Cupid_4b8530dab7a18.jpg Average customer rating:


Cupid planter, choose from two poses

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Hexagonal_4b864147949e8.jpg Average customer rating:


Hexagonal planter

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Lillian___Tray_4b864163d7b61.jpg Average customer rating:

Lillian & Tray

Lillian & Tray planter

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Lion_type_4b86423818066.jpg Average customer rating:

Lion type

Lion type planter

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