Modular Housing

Modular domes and housing made from fibreglass
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Our modular buildings offer unrivalled build quality and level of finish. With Sai Raj you also get the freedom to have the panels completely custom built to suit your requirements. They are easy to transport, erect and require minimal maintenance. Made out of quality GRP (fibreglass) technology, the modular buildings maintain a comfortable internal temperature, are rust proof, termite proof, algae resistant and require no painting as the colour is impregnated during the moulding process. Panels can be augmented to achieve a building of virtually any size. Be it a cubicle design or a fibreglass dome manufactured in segments.


We have Cubicle shaped houses as well as dome shaped units


Fibreglass domes can be manufactured to a standard diameter and form ideal prefab houses. Domes can be customised to allow windows, doors, burglar proofing, electrical and plumbing works. The dome shape means a spaciaous internal with no support pillars. It is a self supporting structure which is fixed onto a conctete plinth on the ground. Its shape allows good water flow. It is easy to clean.


  1. Reduced leadtime (from order to occupancy) - compared to building
  2. Cost efficiency - Cheaper compared to building
  3. Fibreglass is an insulative material  - this means the temperatures within will be optimal as fibreglass does not conduct heat
  4. Maintenance free - it will never rust, is impervious to water, algae and bacteria
  5. Interior setup - you can design the interior to suit your purpose
  6. Modular - it can be extended to form a long expanded unit for larger uses i.e - kitchens, dormitories, clinics, etc.

You may also move the dome from location to another specified location although this will invoice a contractor, costs will be minimal when compared to a new building construction.

Standard Features

  • Robust superior fibreglass construction.
  • Durable anti slip floor (upon request)
  • Double leaf / Single leaf door configurations (upon request)
  • White impregnated, U.V stable external finish.
  • Stiffeners moulded into roof and sides.
  • Comes with assembly kit.

Optional Extras

  • A whole range of customized options available to suit your requirements. Details on request.
  • Bathroom configuration with sink, shower etc
  • Bedroom configuration with door, windows etc
  • Insulated panel versions
  • Doors and windows included where required
  • Easy to assemble shower screen & rail
  • Above ground shower tray
  • External finish of GRP reinforced sides

Applications of Domes and Cubicles

Kiosks, temporary offices, control rooms, instrumentation housings, workmans house,displaced persons shelters, remote lodges and camps, clinics, schools, spray booths, hospitals.

When using fibreglass composite materials instead of materials such as steel or timber, there are significant reductions in weight due to the properties of the component materials.

Because it is a combination of materials, a composite product can be designed in specific shapes for different purposes, while providing a number of advantages compared to materials such as aluminium, steel or timber, such as resistance to chemicals, as well as electrical and thermal insulating properties.


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