Quintrex aluminium boats are an Australian icon. Durable, versatile and built to last years of fun and enjoyment, they are a quintessential part of boating.

Their single piece extrusion is designed with a small exterior keel for structural strength and durability. A unique feature in their open boat range (3.5 metres upwards). It helps with tracking, provides protection when on the trailer and against debris in the water or when parking on the beach. It also provides a keel-effect when at rest in cross-wind / current situations.

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Aluminium Boats

Quintrex_420_Fis_4b878d21d231a.jpg Average customer rating:

Quintrex Fishseeker 420

This fish-seeking model is...

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Quintrex_Dart_39_4b878de4c5ec1.jpg Average customer rating:

Quintrex Dart 395

Rated 20 hp, this is a structurally...

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Quintrex_Dart_37_4b878dd0d34ae.jpg Average customer rating:

Quintrex Dart 375

This aluminium boat is capable of a bit...

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Quintrex_Dart_31_4b878d8dd1414.jpg Average customer rating:

Quintrex Dart 310

Light aluminium boat for easy handling....

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Quintrex_Travell_4b878d0588731.jpg Average customer rating:

Quintrex Traveller 245

The ideal tender or car topper, this...

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