The Zodiac Group is a French corporation with worldwide presence, specialized in the production and development of aerosafety systems, aircraft systems, airline equipment, airbags, remote transmissions, boats and swimming pools, however they are best known for their widely used small inflatable boats.

In the 1930s they invented the concept of the inflatable boat, the commercial success of which after World War II established the Zodiac brand image. The Marine Mammal Center in Northern California uses Zodiac inflatable craft in the ocean rescue of injured or malnourished marine mammals. The Zodiac inflatable boats are also commonly used by the United States Navy.

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Inflatable Boats

Zodiac_Cadet_200_4b84f5938e9f4.jpg Average customer rating:

Zodiac Cadet 200

Compact inflatable boat that's easy to...

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Zodiac_Cadet_260_4b84f5b6ca4f3.jpg Average customer rating:

Zodiac Cadet 260

Compact inflatable boat with extra room...

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Zodiac_Cadet_285_4b84f5c1c3eba.jpg Average customer rating:

Zodiac Cadet 285S

Compact inflatable boat with superb...

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Zodiac_Cadet_340_4b84f5c7e0103.jpg Average customer rating:

Zodiac Cadet 340S

Inflatable boat with compactness,...

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Zodiac_MKII_Clas_4b84f5ea8b05a.jpg Average customer rating:

Zodiac MKII Classic

Inflatable boat with aluminium keel

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