Range of sterile, safe to use, and easy to clean fibreglass sinks, showers, cisterns and tanks

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Sanitary Products

Fibreglass_All_P_4b864491c1deb.jpg Average customer rating:

Fibreglass All-Purpose Sinks

Selection of single or double bowl...

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Fiberglass_Labor_4b86444b0773b.jpg Average customer rating:

Fiberglass Laboratory Sink

Chemical-resistant fibreglass...

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Fiberglass_Saloo_4b86446b9dcd2.jpg Average customer rating:

Fiberglass Saloon Sink

Will not wear out with repeated...

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Standard___Kensi_4bc32a7c6c85e.jpg Average customer rating:

Standard / Kensilla Bathtub (with chrome handle)

Elegantly shaped fibreglass Kensilla...

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Corner_Bathtub_4bc328ce68e6c.jpg Average customer rating:

Corner Bathtub

Elegantly shaped and designed...

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Fibreglass_Water_4bb300889d9de.jpg Average customer rating:

Fibreglass Water Tanks

Fibreglass water tank with various...

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Coffee_Spray_Tan_4b8643f792ac9.jpg Average customer rating:

Coffee Spray Tanks

Coffee spray fibreglass tank

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Shower_Tray_4bb2f23c49577.jpg Average customer rating:

Shower Tray

Above ground and sink in shower trays...

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Shower_Cubicle_4bb2f26476e5b.jpg Average customer rating:

Shower Cubicle

Maintenance-free and easy to clean...

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