Coffee Spray Tanks

Coffee spray fibreglass tank
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We have over 30 years of experience in fibreglass tank manufacture.We have made tanks for most industries, both chemical resistant and water tanks.

We have a few standard tanks and are competent in manufacturing any tank to suit your operational needs

We build tanks for a wide array of industries including:

  1. Breweries
  2. Coffee estates
  3. Water purification plants
  4. Household tanks
  5. Cooling tower repairs
  6. Tank linings
  7. Chemical resistant tanks

Benefits to fibreglass tanks over steel or concrete

  • Easier to Install - No heavy equipment is needed to transport or install our tanks. This is a valuable advantage in rough or inaccessible area and in wet weather conditions.
  • Longer Life Span - These tanks are unaffected by chemicals and water so they won't deteriorate like concrete or steel tanks. No rust, no maintenance
  • Non-Porous Material - Roots will not penetrate fiberglass tanks as they can with concrete septic tanks.
  • Easier to Repair - In the unlikely event of damage, fiberglass tanks can be repaired much more easily than concrete or steel tanks.


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