Decoroof, is an all round durable roofing solution combining excellent resistance to chemicals, fire and impact. It endures harsh chemical environment where other roofing materials will quickly corrode, making it ideal for roofing, siding and cladding applications in domestic, industry, agriculture and construction.
Decoroof anti corrosive composite corrugated uPVC roofing sheets are manufactured using a 2 layered co-extrusion technology with composite layers of material layers having specific functions.
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Overall width : 1120 mm

Effective width :1030 mm

Overall width : 1000 mm

Effective width :857.5 mm

Overall width : 890 mm

Effective width :762 mm

Available colors :

  • - ASA Red
  • - ASA Brick Red
  • - ASA Green
  • - ASA Beige
  • - ASA Blue
  • - ASA Brown
  • - ASA White
  • - Clear
  • - Clearsol Green
  • - Clearsol Blue

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